Monday, December 18, 2006

Australian Gold

Tomorrow I fly to Australia for Christmas in Perth and New Year in Melbourne with a visit to the Test match in between. I have been planning this trip for some time and am surprised at how quickly it has come round.

The flight down to Perth is my "Golden Ticket" and will earn me Gold with Skywards - Emirates frequent flyer program just before the cut off date of the 31st of December when Tier miles are reset to zero.

The main advantage with being a gold card holder with Emirates is the ability to use the lounges when not flying business. A great bonus as the company I work for enforce a strict economy class only policy (fine for me) - which without lounge access can be pain on long layovers.


nzm said...

Have fun downunder and expect A LOT OF RIBBING about the Ashes!

In fact, if you can do a Scottish or Irish accent, you might want to pretend that you're not from England if you want some peace! :-)

Aaron said...

Hey nzm - no question about the Ribbing. I usually enjoy it. I simply have to remember the England Rugby World Cup win, 99% of Australians I spoke to that night were gracious in defeat. I shall endeavaour to be the same.

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I would love to go to Australia.

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