Monday, May 14, 2007


Rather than write about the BBC documentary I thought I would post here my first attempt at a wide-angled Panorama. I am really starting to enjoy learning the fundamentals of digital photography and have recently entered into the world of the DSLR (my thoughts on the technology to follow).

Here is my first effort of a wide-angle (using a 10-22mm Sigma lens - wide open) shot from my balcony - the exposure could use some work (but it is fun playing):


O said...

Amazing shot! I asked you on SSC about the lens that you used for this shot, but I have a question, where did you get that Sigma lens and how much did you pay for it exactly?? I am trying to find Sigma lenses in Dubai, but I am quite clueless on where to find them! I don't want to spend a fortune on Canon lenses (Got a Canon D400)

Nice stumbling across your blog mate ;)


nzm said...

Very nice!

Did you use the Canon pano stitching program - assuming that you did get a Canon!

O said...

Actually ignore my question, I found Sigma lenses, they're nice and relatively cheap!

Aaron said...

Hi O - glad to see another SSC fan on the site and am pleased to see you have located the Sigma lenses. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Hi nzm - nice to hear from you. What you are seeing there is essentially straight out of my Nikon D80 - no stitching, just a little sharpening and color adjustment in photoshop. Hopefully more nice photos to come!

Daniel Wesley said...

Hi Aron that was a really nice picture...I am looking to purchase a cannon 400D in Dubai can you ive me some info..

Deirdre said...

Hi, I just stumbled accross this blog as I am travelling to Dubai and was going to buy a Canon 400D prior to going. It would be great if you could let me know if it is possible to purchase the 400d in Dubai and what sort of price am I looking at paying, cos if it's a lot cheaper it would be worth waiting!!

Thanks Deirdre.

Aaron said...

Hi Deardrie,

The Canon 400D starter kit is about 4000AED in Dubai. I think they are much cheaper in the USA or Far East. Lens prices are competitive here however compared to the US.

Hope that helps


Anonymous said...

in thailand ,fareast,only 2700 AED it's include 18-55 and 55-300 lens. but now i am in dubai and want to buy new 400d as well.