Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Into the World of Blu

Since acquiring both of the competing next gen high definition video format players (Blu-Ray on PS3 and HD-DVD on xbox 360) I have been wanting to experience just how good these formats are.

HD-DVD was easy as the xbox drive ships with King Kong - and while the movie is not my favourite the picture and sound are excellent. Sadly the PS3 ships with not even a demo disc - so Blu Ray quality had eluded me until this weekend.

While browsing the new release DVDs in Virgin Megastore (Mall of the Emirates) I noticed they have a small selection of Blu-Ray movies. In a rush of excitement I grabbed a couple of discs - making sure not to buy something I all ready owned - and took them home to audition the competing format.

The first Blu-Ray disc I played was fittingly titled Into the Blue. As expected the picture quality was eye popping though I may have been swayed by the numerous scenes featuring a swim suit clad Jessica Alba, the sound quality was also equally as impressive.

Huge debates rage on message forums across the web as to which is better on any number of factors. Sonically it is hard for me to choose between them so my criteria is as follows -

1. Whichever is cheaper for the movie I want
2. Whichever the format the movie is on
3. If both of these are the same - then Blu-Ray wins as I prefer the PS3 user interface

I will watch with interest the format war - but if given a choice I am going to be buying Hi-Def DVDs of one sort or another whenever possible.


DXBluey said...

very late to comment on this... interesting that you have both formats - you must be one of the only in Dubai!

Hi Def DVD is dead. Blu-ray has won the format war whether it's better or not, uses 25GB or 50GB or MPEG-2 or VC1...

Funnily enough I'm very connected with the format - drop me a mail if ou like on this...

Cheers and great blog posts as ever,


Aaron said...

Hi Bluey,

Thanks for the kind words. I have to agree with you - it will be Blu-Ray for me simply because of the movie studio coverage.