Thursday, February 08, 2007

You can count on some things...

Like Jonny Wilkinson returning to play in his first England Rugby International and doing something remarkable - in this case against Scotland at the weekend going through the card (drop goal, conversion, try and penalty)

Like the England International Football team playing in a mid-week fixture with a host of first team choices unavailable through injury and the scratch team putting on a poor performance for the manager to be vilified in the UK tabloid press the following morning.

Like when it snows in the UK and the country goes into shut down. All I did was to get up a little earlier, clear the snow from the car and drive down empty roads. I am not sure how my trip home later today will be however - I can imagine fairly fraught. A picture from the office window this morning:


nzm said...

It snowed in Berlin too, but it wasn't enough for the tough Germans to go into shutdown!!

Robert Whiteside said...

Hi Aaron, I somehow managed to stumble across your blog. Looks like you are having fun in Dubai, I trust Sun are keeping you well.

I am glad to see you are using Blogger too as I now work for Google now.


Rob Whiteside (

Aaron said...

Hi nzm - I liked your snow pictures on your blog.

Hey there Rob! - long time no here. I will drop you an email. I am sure you are having fun working at Google.