Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I want one of those

Knowing a number of journalists in Dubai is often a good thing as I sometimes get to experience the fun of their "fringe" benefits. It was a pleasant surprise the other day when my friend turned up to take us down to the pub in the new BMW X5 rather than her normal Suzuki Jimny run around. Here it is parked outside the villa I stay at:

I have always had a hankering for the X5 though when I test drove one in the UK it did not really do anything for me. The new model is a marked improvement. The lavish interior seems lifted directly from the seven series and the smooth 4.8L engine never missed a tick through the rigors of Dubai traffic. As you might have guessed I liked it, I liked it a lot. Getting back into the H3 suddenly made me realize the quality that goes into the BMW marque. However at nearly twice the price and probably giving a reduced off-road experience I will be holding onto the Hummer (for now at least)

Overall 8/10 - Comfortable, powerful and safe. The new Jumeriah Jane favourite? I think so.


Anonymous said...

Hello, nice wheels! How much that is X5 in Dubai? In Finland its 100Ke for 4.8l model :) Planning to move to Dubai so I am interested :)

Alexander said...

A reduced offroad experience from the H3?

Aaron said...

Mr Alex - low profile tyres and wide rims make for poor traction on sand dunes.

Anon - they are going to start from about $50k

Thresherinc said...

Hey Aaron,
I really like the X5, only problem is being pulled over every 5 minutes in the UK as a suspected Drug Dealer.

Go for it mate, you have plenty of mates out there with proper off roaders for you to hoon around in.

i*maginate said...

Slightly done, never liked the X5 though if I had ever liked BMW I would have liked the X5.

Too squashed from the inside.

Sorry mate.

Aaron said...

The new x5 has a complete interior redesign and is considerably bigger than the previous model:

It certainly feels spacious in the cabin.

i*maginate said...

I see..well thanks for that info, I will have to give the new X5 a try!

Speaking of BMWs there's a new (3 series) one which is small with a super funky design and apparently goes REALLT fast!

My fave is porsche though...for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron, nice informative blog about dubai.

A neutral opinion from you please - Is there traces of racism in Dubai for a south-asian? Does it affect in every-day life? I have heard contradictory statements. To be fair, I've visited Dubai on business trips earlier and found it to be pretty progressive among the Gulf countries. Asking this before I respond to a job offer in Dubai. I understand a large part of the Indian expats are engaged in low-end work, so maybe that's the reason some friends have had unfortunate experiences.

Your guidance please.

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Mr Ravi..
dont perceive it tht most of the Indians expats are engaged in low-end work.If u go the west u find theres no difference between low end or high end or white collarstuff.Every job has its own dignity.If ur tht concerned then why the heck do u wanna makwe it to that behemoth shit of a racist being a westerner n working for 1 of the biggest technological companies in the world turned down the offer to work there ,n have taken up the role in bangalore as i find it more challenging.mate there r a lot offellows like urself who try to perceive n come to decision of ur own folks from wht u hear.Seeing is believing n all the best n njoy ur stay at tht hell of a crap place where u cant even get out of the house as the heat rips u apart right from head to A&(*)

mud tire punk said...

I think the Hummer is still better cause it has mud tires that you can take on sand dunes.. I know there's a lot of that in Dubai

Andrius said...

Suppose to be 150 per day. For Jimmy you should pay 20 USD7