Sunday, October 14, 2007

Virtual Boy in a Virtual World

A lot can change in a few short weeks. For example:

1. Three weeks ago England had been trounced by South Africa in the pool match - now they are the first team in the Rugby World Cup Final

2. I was wondering if my nephew has a tiny Australian accent - two weeks later I know now that he has when he says the word "cake"

3. Three weeks ago I was working for Sun Microsystems - today is my first day with VMware

Over 15 months ago I came to Dubai looking to broaden my professional and personal horizons doing a job I had lived and breathed for several years. It has been a fantastic experience and I have learnt so many new things and been to places I could never have imagined.

Just sometimes - a thing will happen that turns your world upside down. For me that is prospect of working with possibly the hottest software company on the planet today. They IPO'd in August at $29 and as a type this their stock currently sits at $102.98 in less than eight weeks. Remarkable.

Sun for me - was like your favourite tracksuit bottoms. You have had them for years and you are totally comfortable in them. I guess however there comes a time for a change into something new and exciting. This is what VMware offers me.

In my seven years at Sun I have had a fantastic time and met many good friends. The last 15 months working for them in Dubai have been without doubt the highlight of my career. I will miss everyone dearly and I received a very nice send off - but will continue to work with them in my new capacity.

The next 12 months is going to be a roller-coaster. I am the first employee for them in the middle east region - so it is going to be tough. Of that there is no question. But as somebody wise once told me "Aaron - If the thought of doing the job you are going for doesn't make you wet yourself - you are going for the wrong one"

I guess I had better bring lots of underpants with me.


i*maginate said...

Doesn't new company equip polka-dot boxers on demand? I would have thought it be part of the package: nevermind.

Best of luck in your new job, all the best! :)

nzm said...

Mabrook Aaron - what an exciting time for you!

Cinderella said...


I like the positive outlook on things that you demonstrate.

All the best in your new and exciting venture.

Somu said...

Hey Aaron,
Good luck with your new job; i'm sure you'll do great!

Aaron said...

Thanks for all the support and kind words!

feras said...
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Anonymous said...

Hope the new job works out for you.