Thursday, March 01, 2007

An Englishman's home is...

His apartment in Dubai! At long last after a number of weeks of beaucracy obtaining letters from my bank, letters from my company, writing out several dozen cheques, shelling out an infeasible amount of Dirhams in “fees” and giving my inside leg measurement I have finally completed the buying process of an apartment in Dubai.

I am now looking forward to Emaar delivering me “Dubai Marina – a life extradonaire” but I will need to wait till Jan 08. I am lucky being able to watch the construction in progress here is a picture I took about five minutes ago from my current balcony. I will be in the tallest tower on the right:

Hopefully the developers here will not repeat the set back that happened recently at the “Infinity Tower” construction site where when digging the foundations the Marina diaphragm wall collapsed and the Gulf filled the gap. It was good however that no one was injured and congratulations to Foreman who ordered out over 100 construction workers minutes before the site was flooded. Gulf news covered the story here.


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Aaron said...

Thanks nzm!

Anonymous said...

congratulations aaron. i have also purchased an emaar apt on park you able to see park island from where you are? if so post a pic for us....not easy to keep up with things in dubai from my classroom here in cold england!!!

Aaron said...

Hi Shiraz,

Congratulations on your place in Park Island. I liked the look of that development a lot - but the long till it completes put me off.

I can see the sight but it is quite far from where I am. There are however loads of pics and discussion on Park Place and all the other major developments in Dubai here:



Anonymous said...

Nice post! When you are in Dubai. Let me know so we can meet up for a coffee at starbucks. We are in Dubai Marina too but between the 'phase one' area and the soon to be 'Marina Mall'