Sunday, April 15, 2007

Did You See....?

I have had the pleasure of spending the last two weeks in Dubai - actually a first for this calendar year. This has allowed me to establish a small routine which will be broken when I get a chance to visit Budapest later this week.

Part of this routine was spending some time catching up on TV. Namely the start of the new Apprentice series in the UK. I enjoy it watching this show as it sparks a curiosity as to how I would perform in some of these challenges - however the language and bickering in the latest series has made me glad that I am best out of it and job interviews on TV are perhaps more influenced by the Editor than your performance.

Either way I did enjoy watching the show - which led me to realize that what I wanted to do was chat to my friends about it However Dubai has a myriad of different TV packages and suppliers. Hence rarely does anyone watch the same TV show I might have the previous evening. This leads to two things:

1. A prevalence of the DVD boxsets for popular TV series
2. I never have a "Did you see xyz show last night" conversation around the water cooler

Not really much of a shame - just an odd abscence from everyday life in the UK.

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Gomez said...

Don't really get 'didyousee' conversations here anymore anyway. Sky+ and bittorrents of American shows mean it's more of a 'haveyouwatchedyet'.