Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hatta Pools Strikes Back

Hatta Pools as I have previously mentioned is a place of outstanding and rugged natural beauty. The clear, warm pools attract numerous visitors. On my visit there today I was really shocked to see the litter. Below you can see a group of people have had a barbecue and just left the whole detritus from it in situ....disgusting:

I would urge the local authorities to impose heavy fines on those littering - it is really destroying a great tourist attraction. It was no fun swimming in the pools with my mouth closed in case I swallowed a floating Choitrams bag.


littejimmy said...

The people who do this just don't care. It's the bubble mentality. They are unable to see past the end of their noses and don't consider consequences. Don't they realise that it's spoiling it for everyone else? Do they not think the litter is an eyesore? IT REALLY ANNOYS ME!

*and breathe*

Aaron said...

I echo your frustration! I think people need to learn to take only memories and photos, and leave only footprints.

Such a shame.