Monday, April 23, 2007

View From The Top

Took this today from the Sky View bar at the Burj Al Arab. A really stunning vista.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! At that altitude did they serve dinner in a foil tray? :-D Was it as good as its reputation? Terry

Aaron said...

Hi Terry,

We went up there for "high tea" - 250AED for unlimited sandwiches and scones. The food is OK but the service was great. I was there to hang out with my visitors and look at the view.



secretdubai said...

And so lovely and low-rise, compared to the Marina/JBR hell.

I love that High Tea, by god it's the most expensive scones in the world though. Last time I went my friend had iced tea type drinks that were very expensive on the menu, but we didn't get charged extra for them on our bill (we were both having the set high tea). I don't know if that's standard practice but it was quite a relief.

Aaron said...

Hi SD,

I think the deal with the set high tea is that you can have one other beverage in place of the tea. As a non tea drinker I had a delicious Italian Vanilla Soda - but sadly no free refills unlike the tea-drinkers.

O said...

Great views, crappy decor, the colors are just terrible

Aaron said...

O - agreed. I am not really down with some of the chosen colour schemes in the Burj.