Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Life is for rent

For the removal of my effects to Dubai - Allied Pickfords have asked for me to inventory all my worldly possessions for the purposes of insurance.

This was no easy or short task to catalogue all my goods and to value them. I was left with a strangely empty feeling that the things that make home home for me are valued at £47k....


jef bud said...

Hi aaron,
Love your blogs, we are moving to Dubai in a few weeks and would love some help and advice on what to bring,organise,sort out etc,the exam certificates have caused us a problem, its 30 years since i took an exam, so we are waiting, - not very aptiently im afraid, english red tape at its best!!.
cant wait to get to sunnier climates and meet all the british expats at any bar. Where do you recommend? Any help would be most grateful.

Aaron said...

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your kind words. For bars and such the popular British ones are many - but off the top of my head - Barasti, Long's, Boston and Double Decker. I am sure you will meet plenty of people in short order.

Just make sure you bring plenty of photocopies of your passport, your full uk driving license (including the paper part), passport photos of your self, marriage certificate, degree certificates and a healthy dose of patience!

All the best