Thursday, July 20, 2006

22 Long Nights

Today was a good day. I moved into my rented apartment. I have spent the last 22 nights staying a rather low grade (at least for Dubai) at least hotel. I have been looking forward to this for the past 3 weeks. Now I can finally start to enjoy Dubai and my work here. Though still a lot of things needed for the flat especially curtains!

I also underestimated exactly how big this new place is. It is nearly twice the floor area of my flat back in Camberley. This basically means furniture kind of gets lost. I am glad now I never got a 3 bedroom place.

Allied Pickfords did a fantastic job of moving all my gear into my place and unpacking everything. A real contrast from Pickfords in the UK. Let me do a quick compare and contrast:

1. Punctuality - UK late both times, Dubai - 30mins early and completed when they said
2. Friendliness - UK guys while nice were surly at times - Dubai - super friendly
3. Work Ethic - UK constant mobile phone calls and fag breaks - Dubai - four hours of hard graft with no messing and a quick 10min lunch break

No sooner had the crew left than a customer service rep from Pickfords tunred up - made sure I was happy and gave me a nice welcome pack which included the Dubai explorer and Street map. Really excellent service from Dubai Pickfords.

So overall I am giving Pickfords a 7/10. Dubai guys get 9/10 and UK guys get 5/10


Anonymous said...

Defnitely the right size for you - and for any Dubai media star. I look forward to an evening enjoying your home cinema and games consoles!


Watts said...

Nice to see you have finally moved into your own place.