Saturday, July 29, 2006


While flicking through the numerous available channels on the ICE Emirates in flight entertainment system I watched a couple of episodes of House M.D.

It feels like a cross between ER and CSI - two of my favourite shows. It is really nice to see Hugh Laurie in an excellent role and certainly his best form since Blackadder. The character interaction between House's team is fun and I particular like Omar Epps's role as a neurologist.

I am really enjoying this show and grabbed season one from Virgin Megastore on my arrival back into Dubai.

Overall 9/10 - just great drama


nzm said...

I saw it a couple of times when we were in the US. It is a great show. Didn't realise that you could buy it here - guess that's what I'll be getting next!

littlemiss said...

Hey Big Brother!! House is one of my favourite shows, we're into the 2nd series in Aus. I love it!

Georgia said...

I\ve had a telly for a few months now and haven't actually gotten it to work yet. I realised that before I came here, I've never had to plug in a telly - I've either lived in places where there was already a TV or Dad did it for me. This is rather sad!