Friday, July 21, 2006

A trip down memory lane....

My little UAE secret is that I actually lived in Abu Dhabi and went to school there for a year some twenty two years ago. Hence the fact why I did not really take long to decide on taking the job here in Dubai - I had a pretty good handle on what to expect in terms of culture.

Last weekend a good friend of mine invited me to spend the day in Abu Dhabi at their hotel - Le meridian. With little else to do I jumped at the chance and took the short trip through the desert to meet them.

While driving around Abu Dhabi - a couple of things struck me:

1. I have no recollection of the place at all
2. It is very laid back there
3. The driving is no where near as bad as Dubai

I had a very relaxed day at the hotel and as the weather seemed a little cooler than in Dubai we were able to chill out by the pool, have a splash about in the sea and chat to the other brit holidaymakers/expats. I really felt like I was on holiday - a great feeling.

However the highlight of the day was while we enjoyed an evening Italian meal at Pappagallo's a three piece Filipino band played a super acoustic of "Show me the way to Armarillo" followed by a nice rendition of "I want it that way" by the Backstreet boys.

Only in the UAE - I love it


nzm said...

These are the days that I’ve been missing
Give me the taste, give me the joy of summer wine

These are the days that bring new meaning
I feel the stillness of the sun and I feel fine


Dubai Sunshine said...

I love Abu Dhabi too for exactly those same's quieter, cosier, calmer, and feels more homey that Dubai....

Great blog by the way:) Welcome to Dubai!

Aaron said...

Thanks for the kind words - I am currently really looking forward to getting back to the UAE after this short trip away.