Saturday, July 29, 2006

What a difference a day makes...

Especially after having curtains fitted in my new place. I was recommended a chap to do the curtains and he was super friendly and came around with samples and measured up within two hours of my original call - a great service. This service also continued on the installation - they had the week while I was in South Africa to make the curtains.

A whole team of guys turned up with bags of curtains and large power drills - within 2 hours all the windows were suitably clothed and I felt a lot happier. While I am now living on the 25th floor so are a lot of other people and with all the glass in the apartments it can feel like living in a goldfish bowl.

It has also had the nice effect of making the apartment feel much more "homey" - and I am even starting to thing of Dubai as home. I have been here exactly one month and looking back I have manage to achieve a great deal:

1. I am now a UAE resident
2. I hold a UAE driving license
3. I have a UAE bank account
4. I have moved all my furniture from the UK to the UAE
5. I have been on Dubai radio and even made into the local IT Weekly
6. I have visited a whole new continent (Africa)
7. I have brought a new car (my first time ever and subject of a forthcoming blog)
8. I have a non-censored UAE internet connection (Thank you DIC Telecom)

Overall I am feeling much more settled and am looking forward to the weather cooling down a little so I can go and explore more of this great country.


Anonymous said...


V. nice but you need to lose those dangly wires!

Jealoous of Farnborough (a.k.a. Terry J.)

PS I like the Ekorness furniture, very similar to our lounge believe it or not :-)

Aaron said...

Yeah dangly wires are always a pain - I am currently devising a plan on how to hide them without making more holes in the wall.

Nice spot on the Ekorness - which range have you got?

nzm said...

Well done - I don't know if anyone not in this region would appreciate the effort that it takes to get all that stuff done!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Nice place :) Glad u're settled in.

Anonymous said...


I think they are a Mayfair and Kensington (his 'n' hers sizes!) They are about 6 years old now, nicely worn in! We have a non-reclining sofa, don't want guests getting too comfortable now do we? :-D


littlemissgiggles said...

Your place looks awesome, we'll have to come for a visit :o)

Georgia said...

Very plush and a view. Well done! I have a view from my kitchen into the flat of two Pakistani guys. On the upside, they are rather good looking, often wear no shirts and rarely close the curtains.

And yes, NZM, getting all those things sorted out like a visa and bank accounts is a million times more annoying than it is back home. I remember being in visa limbo and couldn't open an account so I was cashing pay cheques and going everywhere with giant drug-dealer-like wads of cash. I felt like Pablo Escobar!