Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

I have just exited the car purchasing experience in Dubai and have found myself to be a fairly happy customer. It is quite different from the UK - the main one being the lack of any real "salesmanship" from the dealers here. Car loans are cheap here and the horror stories I have heard about people buying second hand cars made me chose to buy new.

Typically in the UK if you are interested in a vehicle and if you leave a car dealer your mobile number they hound you to death. Here in Dubai there is more or less a monopoly on a any one car brand i.e. only one official dealer. So they have a really lax attitude - I find it kind of refreshing. I could go to all the brands I was interested in - leave them my details safe in the knowledge that I won't get harassed. Kudos though to the Jeep dealer, who actually followed up a couple of times.

Once you select the vehicle, one most negotiate finance. I chose to go with the red triangles as they had a reasonable rate. I simply gave the regular passport photocopies, license copy and salary certificate to the dealer and he applied for the loan on my behalf. The following day a chap from the HSBC turned up at my office (he wanted me to go to Deira and I work in DIC - it wasn't going to happen) and I signed the paperwork.

Once done - the dealer registered and insured the car for me. It was well worth bringing my No Claims certificate from the UK as that reduced 1200 Dirhams from the price. Two days later I was rollin'

All in all - quite easy.


nzm said...

Something's missing - where's the pic?


Aaron said...

Pics at the following location (before tint):

A two tonne urban assault vehicle for protection from the crazies on the SZR :-)

nzm said...


I love the colour - now that's a very girly comment! :-)

Good that it has a full-size spare tyre too. I would hate having a spacesaver or having to inflate a stored deflated tyre in these desert conditions!

Aaron said...

Thanks nzm - all my friends are saying I won't want to get it dirty in the desert. But after all that is what I brought it for :)

Georgia said...

Big cars are the way forward here. I went from being a Sydney hatchback chick to a Dubai Tank Girl. Mostly rich wankers on the north shore of Sydney (SO not where I come from) drive Pajeros back home but here, it seemed perfectly normal and logical. I love my beast with all its height and power despite the ribbing my friends back home have given me by email. It makes driving a joy even if a silly cow the other night told me boys don't like girls who drive big cars. If a boy didn't like me because of my car, he's not man enough for moi!