Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Waxy O'Connor Experience

As a newb into Dubai - when you get an email asking if you want to go for brunch and a "few" beers you jump at the chance. So fresh faced and bushy tailed I turned up at Waxy O'Connors which is located at the Ascot hotel Bur Dubai.

Upon entry I was told to buy "drinks vouchers" and was at first a little concerned when I was offered ten - I went for the safer option of five at a rather cheap price of 50 Dirhams. I joined the lads who were all ready tucking into large portions of English Breakfast. My question was "how much was that?" answer "free". Ideal I thought and got stuck into a generous portion of cooked breakfast myself which was washed down with an ice cold pint of strongbow - hardly an ideal combination but I convinced myself that it was a good replacement for apple juice. I was told that this was included in the price of the original five drinks voucher and that later on you are also entitled to a full roast dinner. I was staggered by the value the only catch was drinks vouchers are only valid between 12pm to 7.30pm - probably a good job.

One of the lads chose to go for a second round on the roast dinner - though I wasn't sure about the bacon and green vegtable combination. I had to take a picture:

Just to review - 50 Dirhams which is about 8 UK pounds - buys one cooked breakfast (as much as you can eat), one roast dinner (as much as you can eat) and five pints of beer. In fact you are free to buy more vouchers and we all duly did - so the total was 100 Dirhams for two meals and ten pints of beer. Nutrion of Champions!

Anway with such an early start and that much to drink and eat I was safely tucked up in bed by 10pm.

Overall 10/10 - great fun with a group of like-minded lads and Waxy's shows a whole lot of sport as well. Heaven.


Seabee said...

I think it proves a point yet again that I;'ve been arguing for ages - for most westerners Dubai is not expensive. Certainly not when you compare apples with apples.
There are very many places around the world where you can't get a fraction of that for the price.
We have high inflation, but that's different from being expensive.

Georgia said...

People here who moan about the cost of living probably came here expecting to dine at the Burj every night. Sure, rent's on the rise but then, on the other side of the coin, some people are just too proud to live in places like Karama and Satwa. Rent is not cheap anywhere where a lot of people want to live - supply and demand. Basic economics. Deal with it, people.

Western expats in Dubai, most of whom are pretty well paid, can be such a pack of whingers. If you don't like it, you know where the airport is.

nzm said...

Jeez Gerogia, you're starting to sound like a local! lol

Georgia said...

Tee hee. I was clearly in the mood for a good rant. But I stand by my rant!

AltinD said...

I was there last night (haven't been in months). Interestly, half hour after I left, I happen to drive by again, and saw a guy being loaded in an Ambulance and a Police Car just arriving.