Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Two months in and I feel fine

At the end of my second month in Dubai I thought it would a good idea to list the things I enjoy/like/love about being here. For some reason it is easier to write about things that are bad or troublesome here i.e. the traffic, restricted internet, rent costs and inflation.

10 things I enjoy in Dubai:

1. The people and friends I have met here
2. Not having to iron anything myself
3. The view from my apartment - especially at night
4. Delivery everything
5. Gas Station attendants
6. Living two minutes from the beach
7. Having a distinct lack of pikeys/chavs anywhere
8. Zero income tax
9. Having a gym and swimming pool available
10. No more hayfever

I am sure there are many more - but these are a few things that make me smile.


Gomez said...

How are you for Skoda dealerships?

Aaron said...

No Skoda dealers near me - there is one in Dubai however

halfmanhalfbeer said...

Englishman: glad you are enjoying it. Been here five years myself and I still love it!


Seabee said...

What about another big plus - eating out is excellent quality and very cheap.

Aaron said...

Absolutley - lookiing back at he number of pictures I have of food on my blog - eating out in Dubai is great, huge choice at (often) great prices

an Indian said...

hello Englishman in Dubai. Being in Dubai for over 10years now i know what u mean when u say "great place" but think would u like it if u were discriminated against because of the colour of ur skin. Being in this magnificent place, would u have had these joys had u not been an Englishman?

Anonymous said...

I guess it would be a paradise to you considering where you come from. Most Britishers love Dubai when they compare it to UK, as an American I see it as a nice place to spend 4 weeks and thats about it.

your man in al ain said...

ad point 7)

i used to live 20 meters from a council financed and built pikey campsite (real pikeys i am talking about, not chavs) in east london, so i certainly understand your enjoyment on especially this point. the standard of living is not even comparable to london...

Georgia said...

No chavs? You obviously haven't been to Deira City Centre lately. Every time I go there. it's wall to wall fake Burberry and fake Von Dutch! And I get annoyed with not pumping your own petrol - it's a pain in the bum when you're in a hurry.

But I do love shopping here, even when there are chavs everywhere. They don't actually harm me. They just dress very badly. And being able to pop over to Oman for the weekend is good too.

Aaron said...

Deira City Center is a distant memory to me....However I was in the UK this week and going out to a pub on a Friday/Saturday night is a "Chaverdgy" the concentration is very high. I did somehow find the girls who liked extras from "Footballer's Wives" rather appealing :)